Thursday, June 09, 2011

tribes: 2

i need community. i thrive on relationship and interaction with others. i hate being alone. unfortunately, i am also not very good at relationships.

i am easily wounded. easily hurt. easily discouraged. and to make matters worse, i tend to be drawn to people who sense my weakness and proceed to push my buttons. did i mention that i also tend to be paranoid?

so... how do you lead a tribe with such a huge basket of snakes to carry?

my only hope, i think, is honesty. to say out loud "this is me... this is who i am." to live as transparently as possible and to trust that those who remain are cool with following, or at least walking beside such a mess as i.

no apologies. no masks. no hiding. i am a mess and i have no idea where i am going. wanna come with?

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