Friday, September 26, 2008

Question Marks

Kim and others have recently spent some time discussing the idea of certainty and faith. The theme also runs through many of the books I am reading at the moment. It is a little surprising to find that my peace and sense of safety seems to increase as my certainty about all things theological decreases. It led me to re-visit an essay from a few years ago. Never one to run from recycling my old work, I proudly offer this link for critique and/or comment.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yeah... what SHE said.

My friend Jerusalem made the most profoudly simple statement today - maybe the truest take on giving I have heard in years. It was contained in an ongoing email conversation regarding our evolving ministry to kids at The Vineyard. Our little community is humble, small, and lacking in many of the resources taken for granted at most large churches. I did not ask, but I am pretty sure Miss J wouldn't mind me sharing.

"Asking me to give thousands of dollars to build a new building is something that only serves to point out to me how inadequate I am financially to make an impact on the world for Christ. Asking me to bring a loaf of bread or a 6 pack of juice or a bouquet of flowers fills me with hope & optimisim, and brings tears to my eyes because I feel like I can actually do something useful, something needed and helpful to contribute to the greater good."

Monday, June 16, 2008


. . not because the pews in other churches were full, but because the places of dream making and leadership in other churches were full. There were too many existing communities of faith in which outsiders simply hear words about God packaged in attractive and relevant ways and too few places in which all could participate and experience the transformative workings of God through community. Our desire was to create a place where those who are envisioning new ways of Christianity could give birth to their dream together."

Doug Pagitt

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Derek Webb

How do we tell the whole story of the coming reign of God, a new way of being human and relating to God and God's creation? We put our hands to it. We proclaim a day coming when there will be no more thirst by giving water to the thirsty. We proclaim a day coming where there will be no more disease and death by caring for the lives of those whose bodies are broken. We proclaim a day coming where there will be no more war by preemptively sowing the seeds of peace

Complete post here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

reunion @ vcc

My best buddies Nathan Greer and Brian Roach are coming to play with me this Sunday morning (10 am) @ vineyard community church in the heights (1900 North University). I love playing with these guys and one or both of them have been involved in some of the deepest and most intense worship experiences of which I have been a part. It's been a while so I can't promise it'll be good but I can guarantee it will be loud. Come and "flip out" with the Cap'n and friends if you ain't goin' to church with your mama!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wanna go with...?

Jim Wallis, President and CEO of Sojourners
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. @ Clinton School of Public Service (Sturgis Hall)
*Book signing to follow- Jim Wallis is a bestselling author, public theologian, speaker, preacher and international commentator on religion and public life, faith and politics. His latest book is "The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America."

It's MY party...

Andrew Sullivan has a pretty good take on why the Clinton's will never give up.

"I think the idea that they will withdraw when Obama reaches the actual number of delegates required for the nomination is a myth. They will insist on having their say at the convention and changing the votes of pledged delegates if they need to. This is their party, in their minds. Obama has no right to lead it. Until he waits his turn and the Clintons give their blessing.

Read the entire post here.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Just saw this quote from Pat Buchannon regarding Obama's race speech.

"America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known.

(Rev) Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American."

link to full article


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have put this off long enough. With a nod to Nate and Janna; here are 5 odd, interesting, or otherwise strange facts about the Captain.

1. Guilty Pleasures:

I was, in high school, a HUGE fan of Rick Springfield. I wanted desperately to BE Rick Springfield. In fact, I have, on more than one occasion, dressed myself to that end. It is also worth mentioning that I once went to a dance in the most amazing “Mike Reno of Loverboy” get-up you have ever seen.

2. Shod for Success

I have a shoe fetish. Most of my clothes come from Target but I simply can not abide cheap shoes. I currently own 4 pair of Doc Martens (Black Boots, Brown Boots, Sandals, Shoes) and one pair of Birkenstock Sandals.

3. He Writes the Songs

My wife has NEVER heard me sing a Barry Manilow love ballad… and she married me anyway!

4. Bilbo, Frodo, and Me

I have been told by more than one person that I have “Hobbit – Feet” (see item #2).

5. Give My Regards to Broadway

I have portrayed, on stage, Marryin’ Sam in “Li’l Abner”, Curly in “Oklahoma”, and The Pirate King in “Pirates of Penzance”.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Roby Duke - I Shall See God

Roby's last song at Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks on December 23rd 2007 at their morning services. He passed away on December 26. Roby was a great friend to my buddies Pearl and Larry Brick and produced a couple of their recordings. I never met him but believe that he was a beautifully flawed Christ follower who will now sing and play for his creator. Pax, Roby.