Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yeah... what SHE said.

My friend Jerusalem made the most profoudly simple statement today - maybe the truest take on giving I have heard in years. It was contained in an ongoing email conversation regarding our evolving ministry to kids at The Vineyard. Our little community is humble, small, and lacking in many of the resources taken for granted at most large churches. I did not ask, but I am pretty sure Miss J wouldn't mind me sharing.

"Asking me to give thousands of dollars to build a new building is something that only serves to point out to me how inadequate I am financially to make an impact on the world for Christ. Asking me to bring a loaf of bread or a 6 pack of juice or a bouquet of flowers fills me with hope & optimisim, and brings tears to my eyes because I feel like I can actually do something useful, something needed and helpful to contribute to the greater good."

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Judea said...

pretty amazing, that sister of mine.
Btw, have you checked out Nates blog?