Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I suspect that their are about 10 people who really dig what I do as a worship leader and that everybody else just thinks I am stupid. I find myself very conflicted at the prospect of recording a "Mark Currey - Worship Project” as I fear that the resulting sales would only confirm this suspicion. I guess I have just played to too many empty houses in the last year or so. MCB fans (whoever you are) don't seem to travel well. I am feeling a bit insecure right now. Maybe it is just encroaching age and receding coolness. Maybe I am just too damned self involved. Maybe I just need to play somewhere and have more than 5 people I know (most of which are family) show up. Maybe I still secretly want to be a rock star. Maybe I should shut up and write some new songs.

I am in a very dark place today.

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