Monday, October 07, 2002

It was quite a weekend, musically. On Friday, Nate, Dan, Roach, and me got to play for Jesus and about 6 of His friends at a coffee shop downtown. It was fun to play together and to watch Ms.J, A2, and Wylie dance the night away. I was disappointed that Darrell never got his groove on.

Then Saturday and the BBQ. See the list in the previous post. Nuff said.

Then Sunday Morning. Back with the boyz again. I am not sure we have ever played better. Nate was hot, Dan was like butter, and Roach kept the train on the tracks. It was a great morning and a great weekend. Got got to do everything I like to do with the folks I most like to do it with. AND, I got to eat ribs and drink beer. God truly loves me.

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